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PV Video is a tool designed to record and view videos in MP4 format from a device in the Nokia 60 series.Its functions are limited to those necessary to record and play MP4 videos from your device.One of its limitations is the inability to display images that are capturing in time real.Go preparing to turn your mobile phone into a video camera.

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If that works: If that works the only thing is q puts the mp4 into another folder q you can see with fexplorer (is here at softonic) with this program you can see it metiendoos in the program then in c: and then in pvplayer. Ah there also another program called video recorder(pero graba en.3gp) also this aqui.german

Help: You should put this comment on problems but good... I downloaded this program, I installed it on my nokia 7650 and not is if you have happened to someone else, so write. When I open the program gives me the option of "seeing" "record" "exit", as well, I would like to record and the Chamber is opened and the image looks, but then the only option that lets me choose is "stop". Bite to stop and put the screen in black, but I don't know if he has recorded something, or if he has recorded where the file is located. Please, if someone can tell me what can be the problem would appreciate you a lot a reply. Thanks a lot!!


You have q install fexplorer: Hello friend the q is q with the program when you install it, the create you a folder on the c: drive, but outside the nokia folder, the folder is q q you can see on the menu of the cel and lasq are out it s not e come from the main menu...Why have q install fexplorer application to see hidden folders and cut the saved videos and nokia-videos paste them in the folder

Is it that I am the only one?: I wrote the previous opinion already a week ago and peak and no one has answered me. Has not gone to anyone more?, please, if someone answer me, thank you!

A MI ME SAME THING HAPPENS: I have the same problem as you, install it but neither works for me. If anyone knows which is the problem that will tell it to us. Nokia I have emviado a message saying that there is a software to make videos, but I have not managed to get it. If anyone knows where this one that tell me. Thank you.

ETI Camcorder II

ETI Camcorder II

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Maximize the quality of your videos with this recorder AVI

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Alternative camcorder for your Nokia

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