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Nokia 7650 Video recorder is a tool distributed by Nokia to expand the multimedia possibilities of their devices Nokia 7650.Now, in the same way that in the Nokia 3650, you can record and play back clips of videos with ease. Its options allow you to send them via E-mail, Bluetooth, MMS and infrared to other compatible devices.An extension of multimedia features in your Nokia 7650.

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Official player for PC: You can download of the page nokia.es a player that comes to the 3650, but perfectly valid for the 7650, because the extension of the video files that produces is the same (. 3gp). On the page you must choose the 3650 model, then downloads, software, "plus software" and there is. Is called nokia multimedia player... :-)


Inform me: How do I get to expand the video recording time for nokia 7650?

Video camera at last: Already is here already tenomos camcorder for mobile gravel sound and video but only 12 seconds will already come out best versions. (microxip)


It won't in the 6600: The program works pretty well, but need you the recording time is greater

See it on the computer: The program seems to me amazing, the only thing that I would like to know if anyone knows with that program you could see video clips on the computer. I sent one infrared and the format was something like xxx.3gp


To miguel of Spain: If your cellular have a chip of mmc, but my cell phone if you have is not a cel nokia 6600, if you had the chip you get out it. And put it in a multicard so that it reads on the computer, and copies it there, and then you install it yourself on your cel, another serious form if you do not have mmc chip, the only way would be pro Bluetooth, or infrared, have to download the file to a pc or a palm and from there you you send to your cellular...

Official player nokia 7650: Hello, for those who did not come to find where this nokia multimedia program is: Now well I've downloaded on the pc but I have no way to send it via bluetooth to the phone. Can someone with more lights than I instruct me? Thanks and regards.


For Gorgus23: Nds1.nokia.com/phones/files/software/nokia_3650_multimediaplayer_en2.exe First you put h t t p: / /, of course without the spaces. You are welcome. Oh, by the way I have tried and goes well, even playing other video formats...

If that works: If that works the only thing is q puts the mp4 into another folder q you can see with fexplorer (is here at softonic) with this program you can see it metiendoos in the program then in c: and then in pvplayer. Ah there also another program called video recorder(pero graba en.3gp) also this aqui.german

PV Video

PV Video

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Video recorder in MP4 format for Nokia Series 60

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ETI Camcorder II

ETI Camcorder II

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Maximize the quality of your videos with this recorder AVI

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Alternative camcorder for your Nokia

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