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Labyrinth is a strange board game with which you will be able to test your skill controlling the sensitivity of the accelerometer of your Nokia phone with touch screen.

Your goal in Labyrinth is to guide a ball to the exit of the labyrinth dodging the different holes you'll find along the way.

To move the ball, Labyrinth uses the accelerometer or motion sensor. In other words, just tilt your iPhone so the ball moves in that direction.

This version Lite includes a total of three levels, options to select one of the levels in particular and a host of options to customize the game.

  • The accelerometer behaves well
  • It has different types of ball
  • It only includes three levels

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Labyrinth reviews


Excellent!: It is an excellent game that allows you to use the features of the accelerometer (motion sensor from your mobile), with good graphics and quite interesting, song of levels is limited but enough for fun few minutes while you wait


very good: Pity q has no levels pro is super entertaining an application q not be d missing in your phone! TRY IT!

Louis ball nÂș 8

Good game but few levels: It is to get the ball through the acelemometro to the goal without falling into holes, sensors are well suited, it is entertaining and few levels, but difficult. Just 3, is one of the best games for the new generation of mobile and that you will never tire.


It is an excellent game: The truth is an excellent game but only has 3 mazes should agragarle more, although it is fun and enjoyable to hang out, they continue to create games like greetings


to pass the time: for mousing is wrong is not entertaining the penalty is that it does not have more levels, but good for a while is not bad. It is worth.

steven sation

Showing qualities of the nokia: A simple game but that sample a stunning quality of the cell, which is transformed into a bathtub, thanks to the author, we hope more games


Excellent...: Although just brings 3 mazes, the truth is a good way to relax... Excellent game, does not give me anything about compatibility issues with my nokia 5530 xpressmusic and also entertaining, at least the third maze, which is the most complicated, because the ball is different (bounces more), the first two will make me that they are test... Well, the idea is that already I am encouraged to buy the full version with 3 worlds and nine levels in total on the page of the author (www.offscr.com)... To install easily using the nokia pc suite: Http://nokia-pc-suite.softonic.com/


Opinion: classic game and very entertaining, good performance on the cell phone, the only thing regrettable are their only 3 levels, could count with more, but raya for the sum, excellent game


Very good: This game is very well done and the accelerometer of nokia 5800 behaves very well. At first glance, it seems easy but it is not, you should go with patience so that the ball came to the end, and that it is addictive. I also have to say that it has good graphics.

Marble Maze

(S60 3rd) 1.60
Marble Maze

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This maze is an authentic vicio!

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