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Facebook is the quintessential social network to connect with the rest of the world. Thanks to their official phone Java (Facebook for any phone) application, you have access to the main functions of the web version, as if it were a simplified version.

Connect with your world from any phone

Facebook for any phone allows you to access the main functions of Facebook: update your status, share links and photos, write private messages, comment on updates from your friends and like to make pages and comments.

If you're a page administrator, as you would expect, you can not manage it with this application.

Reduced version

We must recognize the effort of bringing Facebook to any phone, taking into account the disparity of devices, screens, etc...

In terms of the management of the interface, Facebook for any phone shows in the home screen icons for access to the different elements: feed of news, notices, events, etc...

Optimized performance

Facebook for any phone offers access to the main functions of the social network and lets you run them with much credit. That Yes, don't expect a spectacular appearance.

We've tried Facebook for any phone at very old terminals and the performance has been always satisfactory, which is remarkable.

Level design, Facebook for any phone is nice and is designed to run on any device.

Better impossible

The official Facebook application for any phone, contrary to what happens in other platforms, has no rival. And is that the fact of being the official application provides an extra confidence, that is undeniable.

Facebook for any phone works well and has the official support, fact that guarantees that you will be constantly updated.


Once downloaded the file Facebook for any phone, you will have to click on it from your mobile to install the application on your phone. If you are accessing this page from your computer, we recommend that you open it from your telephone for more convenience.

  • You can access the majority of Facebook options
  • It allows you to upload photos in one click
  • Simple and clear design
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Some problems of stability

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Facebook para Cualquier Teléfono reviews


that it charges not a weight: q do not copper any weight and q does not matter on the site at q this one

I can not download: well perfect fgjhdjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjtjdutkuy7kkkkkkkkkkkke67


in a nokia 5530: I can not install it on a nokia 5530, I literally says & quot; impossible to install & quot; How do I run it

ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffnjfddfhh: excellent rrffrggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg


is a great help for all: wonderful porq is very important in cel more fast the whole world this been fascinated with fecebook especially more economical


Help : Friend download it in my lg c365 and not serve me the buttons on left and right can you help me?


MY BUTTONS ARE UNCONFIGURED: download it but pressed them a button and does another thing bone to use my buttons are unconfigured

Saary Pxndx

Geneal: That is super well, seems to me that it is very very very well because there are people who it utilizamoz for important things and comes to be super effective


Not allow to upload photos!...: The truth does not upload photos or change profile photo there is no change for the sony ericsson w595 obciones. the application is regular need you more features!...

ventas fany

as use it if the download: in the k menu eel or java facebook ayudemememem x favorr xk already lo kiero use worst nose as


Response to the charge.: How much charge, depends on the type of conexuion to the internet having your phone, if your phone has WiFi you can deal with the application without cost, you connect only via wifi, when there is any available network, on the other hand if uas wlan, bone the internet that bring the majority of phones, if you have to pay for using the service.


tells me error in communication! :(: nose xq tells me that my cell phone uses GPRS network and when I open it tells me error in communication! :(ashhh q mal q I can not use.


A little incomplete!: If it is really useful and functional, enter through the contracted telephone data and via wi-fi. The only thing missing is that you can not upload files like the fotodrafias!


good application :): I loved it, but anyone know how to upload photos plisssss, haaa does not charge you when you connect with wifi


I can not download it: It's the QR? not detect it and I can not install it from the file .jad someone knows that it can be? Thank you


is not a Java application: I have it on my nokia 6120 c i not open me the application, if not the browser on my phone, in some forums that talk about this false application, complaining about the same thing myself. I also, Facebook, can only be used with the web browser of the PC or the mobile i not with an application (except Socially)


Great app: I really liked the application, when run it tells me that it wants to enter the air (to inter) and that this can bring me costs (when I tried it I had no balance lol) and just as I entered, this WiFi but I would like to know more if you have balance if I charged... If someone xD with balance proves it! and not charge them because we have discussed

I like it: me gusta muxo pr k so I have facepara my phone just what k keria


Excellent application: The e in a my nokia 5800 and it is the best version of facebook for symbian! And you have all the basics of facebook.


wrong version: installed well, but when you want to use for the first time, stays on blue screen, does not pass there, on a samsung omnia 2, I do not recommend it


Very good application: I think it is a very good application for those who have a Facebook account, in my opinion, it is better than your mobile browser version. @dan42: Yes, if you come to when you do not use wi-fi.


q is very entertaining: It is cool and chebere Sirba to chat from afar and as an entertainment and lamisma vs work


Motorola u9: I have the app on my motorola u9 and won't work, the medium used to enter work as selector. Or is that I choose, but I can not go anywhere!


Express music Facebook 5.7: We say are many options are that gives you this system because you can check your account being up to date with all the news


A good application: I like its lightness and stability. It is ideal if you want to see post just friends and not of groups or events. I am glad as a second option. The first is Opera Mini, there if I read my face 100%.


Very good, fast installation.: I want to know because I do not see the camera to take a photo from my wall directly, I have seen on other cellular that if comes out. I have a samsung. Only lack that, the rest all ok. Is the version of the application? The camera of which I speak is in the V2.5.1


to me if I worked: well I put the file download in my cell then installed it as an application and ready every time I go to the application guides me to the facebook web site


good but missing: in my case to download but I can not upload photos or chat only option messages received pro the rest is good


Excellent: This application is excellent, I like the rest, since if I'm not connected to facebook by pc I connect by cell if the cell lg secret java application if it serves you, and cobra only through the balance from your mobile phone


I like you to be aware of Facebook. Download the.: Well this is an excellent program to view your profile, home, Inbox. good basics of Facebook. Serves very well only that is not compatible with many phones, and even though the description says that it uses Java, not true!. Obviously you have to have Internet connection which is not a big problem if you have Wi-fi, but if you don't, better see your facebook from the Wap portal, you will be more easy.


very good!: the truth is ke this application if it serves, and even for kualkier model nokia... asi ke if it worth download cel


what they charge : I wonder if it spends the balance of the cel and how much please respond, not is if download it and also wanted to know if it serves in the phone LG secret answer please

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