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One of the big behemoths of the industry, we talk about Philips, has just released this little gem, a recorder, player and video converter with audio support, a trio that Philips Camcoder acts under the guises of 3GPP.The truth is that the quality is missing the appointment, with the possibility of recording in real time video accompanied or not by the audio to formats such as MPEG4 and H263, as specified by 3GPP standard. Allows you to select the number of frame per seconds (5 fps, 7.5 fps, 10 fps, 12.5 fps or 15 fps), as well as the size (QQVGA, sQCIF) and the quality of the video, files that are fully compatible with MMSC.This means that you can send them to your friends and family, through the sending of MMS, ports Bluetooth or infrared and, by e-mail. You can simultaneously play the videos in full screen, rename, copy, delete, and send it as said above.

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3GPP philips camcorder 3.6.7: Good programa.lo buy at handango.com because Softonic I didn't know where buy.

For now the best: By now the better than e seen for the time being all that there is to shoot super-configurable video shame that it is payment (for a change) but they are already good charge of... Adéu (microxip)

PV Video

PV Video

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Video recorder in MP4 format for Nokia Series 60

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ETI Camcorder II

ETI Camcorder II

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Maximize the quality of your videos with this recorder AVI

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Alternative camcorder for your Nokia

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